BREEAM certification is the certificate of choice across Spain, particularly in the residential field. At ACSOS we can help you meet the following criteria of the various frameworks in place (housing, new construction and in-use):

H&W 1 Sustainable management

  • Participation in the decision-making process of the project.
  • Training programme according to the Building User Information Guide.
  • Following of the UNE-EN ISO 9712:2012 and ISO 18436-2:2003 Standard
  • Air tightness test

H&W 2 Indoor air quality

  • Compliance with the UNE 13779:2007 / ASHRAE standard
  • In accordance with UNE-EN series 16000 standard

H&W 3 Thermal comfort

  • Using the PMV (predicted mean vote) and PPD (predicted percentage of dissatisfied) indexes, in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 7730:200619 standard, and taking the seasonal variations into consideration

H&W 4 Water quality

  • All water systems of the building have been designed in accordance with the measures stipulated in the UNE 100030 standard

Practical cases

Centro comercial Islazul
Hotel Barceló Raval
Edificio UNED

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